Project 52 Week 18 {silhouette} Giant Battle Droid

I didn’t manage to get a silhouette of a person this week and had to resort to a toy on Saturday evening. I carefully posed the battle droid to make his silhouette interesting though, and put a bit of thought into the crop. Is there a way I could have eliminated the window screen in post-processing? I know now I should have just gone outside. An interesting thing about this is that what you probably perceived as blue sky is actually clouds. The sky was getting getting overcast. I raised the vibrancy to make the little lights on the droid stand out and I liked what it did to the sky, adding some color and texture.

Go around the Project 52 blog circle to see more silhouettes. Next is KGilbert Photography.WEB 2013 05 04 battle droid silhouette 003



  1. I’m not sure…but did you try curves in PS? If you lower the amount of dark, it might take out the screen. Not sure! But curves is a fun tool to play with – I use it all the time!


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