Project 52 Week 21 {togetherness} Making a Movie

First I want to say that when I created this blog just over a week ago, I did intend to post every day. I usually take pictures every day. I thought I was getting over a cold, but apparently I was getting sicker. This week I’ve been fighting bronchitis. I only shot two events this week. The first was a spontaneous moment when my girls played with these little flashlights we have. I saw the opportunity to practice some MNLI lessons and recorded their profiles and some of their shadow puppets. I didn’t much like the results, but I may share one or two when I get around to finishing processing the pictures.

The second shoot was a major event, for which I’d been booked for months. My husband is a film-maker and he wanted me to photograph the cast and crew for the production he worked on this weekend. It definitely takes some good togetherness to create a good film.

Something new I did with this photo is cover up a sign that was attached to one of the trees in the background by copying some background from elsewhere and moving it over, blurring the edges. Can you find it?

See more photos of togetherness by going on the blog circle! Next up is Mellisa Pendleton of KRJ Photography.

2013 05 24 kendzie firebird 025 WEB



  1. How fun! I can only imagine how involved film production must be. Being a photographer has given me all kind of new respect for directors! (And I think I found the sign…but wouldn’t know for sure unless I saw the ‘before’ image. Nice job!)


  2. Love how they are definitely working together on this and how focused in they are. Great capture of that moment! And btw I couldn’t find the sign 🙂


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