Project 52 Week 23 {SOOC} Straight Out Of Camera

I’m just coming out of a badly timed photography slump, so I thought this week’s theme would be wonderfully easy for me. I’ve made a point of learning to expose well first and not rely on post processing, so most of my pictures come out of the camera looking okay, even though I shoot RAW. But of course, this week I’m not super happy with any of my pictures and I’ve been clicking through them for a while trying to make up my mind which one to share.

WEB 2013 06 04 faha family potluck 008-4

This is one of my favorite images of the week. Above you can see the SOOC (straight out of camera) version. That means it’s exactly what my camera sensor recorded, with no processing whatsoever. It was a moment of good timing and quick thinking and luck. I had already shot several pictures of the kids at the park when I turned and found my daughter sitting here, nicely backlit. I don’t recall whether I even needed to call her name; she often likes posing for me and will do so automatically when I point the camera in her direction.

Below, for comparison, you can see how I edited it. I didn’t do very much. I increased the highlights and shadows, cropped in a bit closer and straightened it. Apparently I can’t hold my camera straight because so often I need to straighten my pictures!

WEB 2013 06 04 faha family potluck 008-2

Photographers, I have a question. Do you think all RAW photos need to be processed? Maybe it’s just because my eye is not well-trained yet, but often I think my pictures look fine straight out of camera, despite shooting RAW, which confuses me because RAW has been compared to film negatives which definitely must be processed. This has been boggling me since I began shooting in RAW all the time almost exactly a year ago. I’ve considered switching back and forth, sometimes shooting in JPG for family photos to save processing time, but I really do like the freedom of RAW. I notice I tend to do the same basic adjustments when I don’t think the pictures need much — increase contrast and maybe clarity — so maybe I could create a preset for that. What do you do?

See more great SOOC pictures on the Project 52 blog circle. Up next is The Gaggle Photography by Jessica Nelson. Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment!



  1. I love the backlight! Funny, I always have to straighten my images, too. I swear I hold my camera level, but when I upload them, they are all crooked! Ha.


  2. I’ve fallen into the trap of, if it’s not edited it doesn’t count. That being said, for my own personal photos, the only “editing” I do is convert from RAW to JPEG – which to me is Blacks 5, Brightness +50, and Contrast +25. From what I’ve read, that’s what the camera would have done (plus some sharpening and compression) if you’d shot the same photo in JPEG.


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