Thirteen on the Sixth Thirteenth: A Dark and Stormy Day

For this month’s Thirteen on the Thirteenth project my images seemed destined to be nearly all landscapes. I finally made it out for my “daily” morning walk around the neighborhood for the first time in weeks. I’m almost completely returned to my usual energetic self after recovering from bronchitis and getting things done again.

We also had a very dramatic storm come our way, with much advance notice from the media, which I think makes it scarier. I only wish I knew how to make raindrops show up in my photos. Maybe I need to try using my tripod and a much slower shutter speed.  The storm didn’t last very long and the day ended with a brilliant and beautiful sunset.

These are in chronological order. First, my morning walk. The clouds look rather ominous!

WEB 2013 06 13 cars or walk 013 WEB 2013 06 13 cars or walk 017

Two rabbits crossed my path and gave me a new photo op and a chance to practice being faster with my camera.

WEB 2013 06 13 cars or walk 024 WEB 2013 06 13 cars or walk 029


The big storm rolled in at 2:50 p.m. There is pouring rain in this picture. My photography skills magically make it disappear though (inadvertently). Also, I’m baffled by the dark blob on the driveway. It looks like it might be a shadow from the tree on the other side of it, but that’s impossible because that’s north. The sun is approximately camera left and overhead at this time. And of course, it’s very cloudy too. Weird.
WEB 2013 06 13 x13 001


My daughter was not feeling well today. 😦

WEB 2013 06 13 x13 002


They’re both watching Mythbusters.
Rhiannon also watched a lot of t.v. today.


My son is working hard in a video game.
It's hard work playing some of these video games!


Just after sunset, I was drawn by these richly colored clouds to photograph some more.

WEB 2013 06 13 x13 006 WEB 2013 06 13 x13 010 WEB 2013 06 13 x13 011


Not being a landscape photographer at heart, but a lifestyle photographer, or maybe simply documentary photographer, I often follow up pictures like those above with more of my kids. I kept the wide angle lens on my camera though, which even at the widest angle, largest ap, and highest ISO could barely manage to get enough light.  Also, I need to learn how to make the brush work in Lightroom so I can tone down things like the reflection in the picture of the chandelier from the room behind me.  When I tried, it was all splotchy, and I don’t know why.WEB 2013 06 13 x13 013


I kept it in manual, but decided to try using the flash. I think it’s better at a distance. No harsh shadows here.WEB 2013 06 13 x13 016

That’s thirteen! 🙂


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