Project 52 Week 24 {bad habit} Daily Walk

IF I took my daily walk every day, it would be a great habit. Alas! I have a bad habit of deciding not to walk “today.” Often a lot of todays pass by before I get the gumption to get out there and walk. But I haven’t given up on the idea and I guess walking occasionally is better than never walking.

Want to see more bad habits? Continue on our Project 52 blog circle. Up next is Jessica of The Gaggle Photography.

WEB 2013 06 13 cars or walk 014



  1. Ugh! Same with me!!! I like to blame it on not being able to leave the kids alone…. but I could always tow them in the wagon, make my oldest ride his bike…. or wake up before they get up…. but I never do any of those. But, geesh! Looking at this pic, kinda makes me want to get out there – especially first thing in the morning! Great shot, the winding road is beautiful.


  2. Oh, me too!!! It never seems to be “the right time” to go out for a walk… either too cold, too hot, or something going on with the kids. This is a great shot though! And motivates me to want to get out there myself!! 🙂


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