Project 52 Week 26 {music} Passionate for Music, Passionate for Photography

I’m floundering with my photography projects. I have continued to make photographs nearly every day, but am  struggling to establish a workflow that includes all the things I want to do with my pictures. So sometimes I work long on the creation of the photos, but neglect to process and post them. Usually I do process most of them — though that is taking longer since I’ve been working hard learning Lightroom over the last couple of months — but I’m not posting to my photography blog every day as I’d like.

This week I even failed at my Project 52 — the one at which I’ve been most consistent!  And it really surprised me. You’d think with a passionate singer in the family and a whole family who enjoys music in general it would have been such an easy theme for me. But somehow this whole week went by without me making a good photograph of anyone making music.

However, I recalled that I shared a series of photos of my daughter at the piano on June 10. Here’s one, and you can click here to see the entire post.

WEB 2013 06 09 new clothes 016-2

Now click through our Project 52 blog circle to see more musical pictures! Next is Jessica of The Gaggle Photography.



  1. That’s a great shot! I think we all struggle with processing all of our personal images, and then actually printing them out. At least I do! I think it’s great when we can offer these services to our clients so they don’t have to take the time to print them themselves. Some never do!


    • Thank you! I’m not even in business yet, so it’s intimidating to think it may get even harder. Maybe I can get a good workflow established before I go into business.


    • LOL Not so little; this is my 12 year old daughter, and she’s adult-sized. Thank you for visiting my blog Megan!


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