Clickinmoms Monthly Blog Circle {shallow depth of field} A Collection

I like to shoot with shallow depth of field and do so more often than the opposite. Here is a small collection of the best shallow depth of field pictures I made in June.

I love the way it creates bokeh.

WEB 2013 06 10 sunday monday 043


We can focus on a detail in a picture. An even shallower depth of field would have made this Lincoln Log roof pop even more, I think.

Ian played with the train set and Lincoln Logs this morning.


This leaf baffled me. It is the beginning of summer but this leaf I found on my front lawn the third week of June looks like autumn has begun.

WEB 2013 06 25 patch of lawn 007


Here is my son, listening to his oldest sister read from Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban at bedtime. His other sister is reading Mary Poppins.

WEB 2013 06 26 untitled 018

Shallow depth of field lets me decide whether to focus on his listening expression or a detail from the book.

WEB 2013 06 26 untitled 019


My husband asked me to photograph one of this Warhammer armies last weekend. I used some studio lights he brought home from work; my first time ever doing so.

In the first one, I like how you can still make out the dragon in the background, though the focus is on the front row of soldiers.

WEB 2013 06 30 dark elves 018

Shallow depth of field makes this dragon look even more menacing amongst the blurry soldiers around it.

WEB 2013 06 30 dark elves 026

Shallow depth of field is the way to go when you want something to stand out.

WEB 2013 06 30 dark elves 079

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