Day 188 Playing at the Beach

We enjoyed some time at the beach this evening. You wouldn’t know it from these photos, but it was crowded. I’ve been developing patience and getting better at looking in all corners of my frame. (And I crop in post-processing quite often too!)

playing in the sand WEB 2013 07 07 scavenger hunt day 07 012 WEB 2013 07 07 scavenger hunt day 07 013

I loved the fluffy clouds and very blue sky this evening and tried hard to record it.

playing in the sand under fluffy cloud skies rocks shaped to form the number 5, thanks to Martin Gray for creating it for meYes, I’m doing the ClickinMoms Scavenger Hunt!  Thanks to my friend Martin for arranging the rocks into the shape of a 5 for me! I also had friendly strangers help me at the beach this evening and got “5 friends laughing,” “5 kids in swimsuits,” and “a tattoo.”


Ian offered me “pie.” It was delicious!  😀

WEB 2013 07 07 scavenger hunt day 07 025



    • I’m an introvert, so I have to work up the courage to ask strangers. It gets easier after a few successes. It also helps to have a legitimate reason and the “official” scavenger hunt sign. I just say something like, “Excuse me. I’m doing a scavenger hunt and I need _______. Can I take your picture?” Sometimes I add that it will only be shared in a private photography forum. The only time I’ve been refused so far is this same evening I wrote about in this post, because one of the girls in the swimsuit and laughing pictures knows how to do backflips into the water, according to her friend, but said her mom has told her not to do them so she didn’t want to get in trouble. Perfectly reasonable! Last year for the scavenger hunt item, “you on a motorcycle,” I even asked a guy downtown in a large group of motorcycle riders if I could sit on his motorcycle. He seemed reluctant and cautioned me to be careful, but allowed me to do it. It’s crazy but fun. I love how this scavenger hunt gets us out into the community, and I get a nice sense of accomplishment from it too. Oh! I just remembered one more wonderful example from last year. I needed a picture of someone getting their ears pierced so I went into Claire’s, a jewelry and accessories store, and lucked out: there was a girl getting her ears pierced. I asked the mom if I could photograph her, offering her copies of the pictures via email. She easily agreed.


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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