Project 52 Week 28 {nature} Backyard

I enjoyed some time further out in nature this week, including a trip to the river on Tuesday, but I forgot about the theme until the end of the week, so I just took a photowalk in my own yard on Saturday.

We have some vines growing from underneath our front porch. They bother my husband and he’s soon going to remove them, but I find them to be a photo opportunity. I like how these two tendrils are linked together.

WEB 2013 07 13 nature 006

They’ve begun to grow up the house wall!

WEB 2013 07 13 nature 010

A tree fell over our back fence onto our bird bath and bird feeder.

WEB 2013 07 13 nature 021

These are the young trees growing in the place where our swing set used to be. Perhaps they began from acorns buried by squirrels around the middle of the last decade.  I got some sunflare. Too bad I didn’t have my ClickinMoms Scavenger Hunt sign. But I wasn’t even going for sunflare, just bokeh and backlit leaves. I would have gone back out with the sign, but gray clouds were filling up the sky.

WEB 2013 07 13 nature 023

The top of one of the young trees looks like it’s getting ready for Autumn already. I lingered for a little while, waiting for the clouds to move so I could have mostly blue sky in the background.

WEB 2013 07 13 nature 026

Thank you for looking at my pictures. Go see more nature on the blog circle. Next is Jessica of The Gaggle Photography.



Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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