Project 52 Week 29 {bokeh} Star Shaped

I actually forgot this week’s theme was bokeh when I was creating the photos in my previous post! I could have just referred my Project 52 friends to that post, but I decided to try shaped bokeh today. I used a star puncher from my old scrapbook supplies (that I’ve hardly used since I took up digital scrapbooking several years ago) and I cut around the star hole so the paper fit over the lens.

For my first attempt, I used my 18-55mm kit lens and white paper and this is what I got. No good at all (though slightly interesting perhaps).

WEB 2013 07 21 superhero bokeh 001

Then I reviewed a shaped bokeh tutorial HERE and switched to my 50mm lens and black paper for the rest of my attempts. I thought I wasn’t getting any star-shaped bokeh, so for a few shots I removed the cut-out. I thought this would be my photo for the weekly theme until I got into Lightroom.

WEB 2013 07 21 superhero bokeh 006


I tried again with the star cutout several times, but couldn’t seen any stars at all on my camera’s LCD.  However, when I looked at my photos in Lightroom I discovered there ARE stars! They’re just teeny tiny little stars you have to look close to see.

WEB 2013 07 21 superhero bokeh 007

WEB 2013 07 21 superhero bokeh 009

Here’s a severely cropped version of the above photo so you can see the stars better. Someday I’ll explore this further. Did I need to make the star cut out smaller or bigger? I think I need to find a more informative tutorial.

severely cropped, so the star bokeh can be seen better

Go see more bokeh by continuing on the Project 52 blog circle.  Next is Jessica of The Gaggle Photography.



  1. huh. I was using my 50mm and was only getting the top part of the heart in the lights. I think maybe I should try black. But the template that came in the Click mag was white and others made it work so I guess I need to try and try again. Thanks for the journey!


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