changes, decisions, sisters, laughing . . .

I’m taking so long getting this website rocking. I’ve pondered going back to my free blog, but I do like the benefits of self-hosting.

Now Smugmug has announced they’re unveiling a new look (and features?) on Tuesday. That’s exciting news. I was reading the comments following the announcement on their blog and decided to check out a couple of other sites that were mentioned, Squarespace and Beam by Photoshelter. They do look intriguing. But I couldn’t tell if they have the awesome customer support we get at Smugmug and at least one of them is more expensive yet very limiting in how you can use it.

Anyway, while I was reading and exploring this, my girls were composing a song for a play my younger daughter finished writing today and I decided not to let today go by without a photo after all. They were also reading a comic strip together on the Nook.

I made a video of their song, but it’s too late at night to figure out how to share it here. It’s too big to just upload. I might edit it or I can share it via another service. Let me know in the comments below if you’d like to hear it.

WEB 2013 07 28 Friends song 007


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