Week 40 {soft focus} Legos and Trivia

This week my Project 52 group played with soft focus. I really need to read up on some of these project topics! I need to find out when is a good time to use soft focus. Here are two ways I tried and liked.

I focused on my son’s Lego creation while including his face in soft focus in the background so you can see how proud he is, but I hope your eye is mostly drawn to the Legos. I wasn’t sure whether to include his eyes but when I cropped them out I decided I prefer keeping them.

WEB2013 09 30 diy block builders026-2

Is the next one too soft? Can you get an idea what’s going on? Today, during a family board game, my daughter played on the iPod while waiting for her turn at Trivial Pursuit. I kind of like the feel of it, but not sure it shows enough of the story.

WEB2013 10 06 trivial pursuit032

I can’t wait to go around our blog circle to see what everyone else photographed with soft focus. Next is Nancy Schumacher Photography.



Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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