Week 41 {old} Virginia Museum of Fine Art

I had a moms day out with a couple of friends this weekend and we visited the Virginia Museum of Fine Art so I had many opportunities to photograph the theme, “old.”

After taking a look at my pictures of old things, move along the blog circle to Nancy Schumacher Photography.

Edgar Degas Ballet Dancer sculpture 1945

WEB2013 10 13 vmfa024


Paul Gauguin Still Life with Oysters 1876 — I focused on his signature and date.

WEB2013 10 13 vmfa034


Emile-Jacques Ruhlmann Bed 1930

WEB2013 10 13 vmfa055


Indian, Madhya Pradesh Crossbar from a Stupa Railing circa 100 BC — one of my OLDEST finds of the day!

WEB2013 10 13 vmfa063


Detail of Erastus Salisbury Field’s Portrait of a Girl ca. 1835 – 45, just a detail, showing the old cracked paint

WEB2013 10 13 vmfa109


John William Orr Still Life with Newspapers ca 1850. He was showing global exchange

WEB2013 10 13 vmfa123


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