2013 Project 52 Week 47 {thankful} Boots, Homeschooling, and Family

    1. Boots — I’m grateful I have a pair of warm boots. They’re two or three years old, but they’re comfy, sturdy enough, and look fine. Today I figured out a way to keep the long laces from flopping around by threading them back down and up again so there’s barely enough lace left to tie the bow. :)Week 47 {thankful} Newly Re-tied
    2. My Kids — I love the birthday card they gave me for my birthday on Friday.WEB 2013 11 23 lincoln logs birthday 026
    3. Homeschooling and My Homeschool Group

WEB 2013 11 19 faha games 0424. My Family — We have so much fun together.

WEB 2013 11 18 kids 009

See more grateful posts in our Project 52 blog circle. Visit Mellisa next at KRJ Photography.



  1. I especially love your homeschool group. The teacher in me is loving their body language!! Every single child is engaged and having a blast!


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