2014 Week 4 {My Town} Fredericksburg, Virginia

Continuing with a getting-to-know-one-another theme, my Project 52 group is sharing pictures of our towns.  I love this virtual traveling!  And, I am so pleased to have joined a group of photographers for a blog circle using these same Project 52 themes, so after enjoying a little tour of Fredericksburg, you can click on the links to visit several other towns. Next up is Jennifer at Designed Chaos in Colorado.  Enjoy your trip around our circle!

Warning: I had a hard time limiting the number of photos for this week’s theme. I managed to only put 9 in this post, but there are 19 more in my new Fredericksburg gallery, including some shots from two other downtown photo walks last summer.

Perhaps the most important part of Fredericksburg is the Rappahannock River flowing through it. I photographed it this week, all icy cold.

Rappahannock River in Winter

Train Bridge in Winter

I took the second one with the following photo from last summer in mind, though I didn’t feel like standing there in the cold waiting for a train. 😉

WEB2013 09 28 clickinwalk Fdbg077

Here are a few landmarks in Fredericksburg. Goolrick’s is one of the oldest pharmacies in the country.

Goolrick's Pharmacy

Hyperion Espresso is a popular meeting place.

Hyperion and Star Building

Mercer Apothecary is one of the many historic sites in this very historic city.

Mercer Apothecary

The Old Stone Warehouse sits right on the river and houses many interesting artifacts. See the oval plaque on the door? It says 1813 because that’s when it was built. Many of the buildings in Fredericksburg have these plaques.

Old Stone Warehouse

I enjoy walking the streets of my old town . . .

Caroline Street near Sammy T's

. . . thinking about how much history these old buildings have seen.

Upstairs Apartments Above Stores

Thank you for looking. Please leave a comment so I know you were here.



  1. I am in love with your little town! I am a history buff and always say that I was born in the wrong era :p Very cool, I would so love to stroll those streets. Going to check out the rest of the gallery now!


  2. Oh I love these photos. What a beautiful place to be. We once stopped in Fredericksburg off the interstate on our way from NY to SC. Of course, we only saw a Waffle House and not this gorgeous town. I”m now convinced to make a detour on our next trip and explore!


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