Monthly Creative Exercise {Reflections} Water and Glass

Happy February!  That means I’ve got 31 photos in my Project 365 gallery, 4 weeks of Project 52 completed, and it’s time to share my first monthly creative exercise. These creative exercise themes are posted at Clickinmoms and some of us have formed a blog circle, so you can follow the links and see many interpretations of the theme.

If you are following the circle you just came from Cheryl’s blog.  After viewing my photos, please visit Rebecca Herman Photography and Design.

I struggle to remember monthly themes, but this time I found myself noticing reflections quite frequently! Unfortunately, most of the time I didn’t have my camera handy. I do carry it with me a lot, but there are still times when taking a photo isn’t possible. But I got at least one reflection I really like. And after I gathered these 7 reflection photos for this post, I noticed they were all either water or glass. I would like to keep exploring this theme and try other reflective surfaces.

It’s funny that my favorite is from my first photo session during which I remembered I wanted to capture some reflections. This is the icy Rappahannock River a week ago.

WEB 2014 01 25 fredericksburg 026-2


The next day I actually pulled off the highway (Route 3 near King George) to photograph this pond.

WEB 2014 01 26 fredericksburg 005

Then I drove back into town for some more Fredericksburg pictures for last week’s Project 52 theme. I found yet another water reflection and a couple of glass reflections. This is the Rappahannock River again, just below the William Street bridge.

WEB 2014 01 26 fredericksburg 090

I practiced my patience at the apothecary to try to get a good reflection of the flag.

WEB 2014 01 26 fredericksburg 101

And then I remembered to look up. Actually, I just wanted to show some of the architecture for my Project 52 theme. I didn’t even notice the reflection at first.

WEB 2014 01 26 fredericksburg 104

With the next photo I was actually experimenting with shutter speed, but I’m including it because it has a reflection too! I’m standing in the doorway of our t.v. room. The t.v. is on the wall to my immediate left and is reflected in the framed star chart on the wall above my girls on the sofa. It’s kind of neat being able to just walk by the room and see what’s on the t.v.

WEB 2014 01 28 untitled 026

Finally, this idea needs a lot more work, but I like the idea, so I’m sharing it. This started as a portrait session of my lunch, which you can see at the bottom of the reflection. Do you see what device is doing the reflecting? Hint: Look at the logo at the bottom. All three of my children as well as myself are captured in this image from last Monday afternoon. I’m on the far right with the camera in my face LOL, my older daughter is reading in the big chair nearby, my second daughter is on the floor playing Solitaire (with cards because her sister is using the iPod! LOL) and my son is using a laptop at the far end of the table. He is the only one I spoke to for the picture. I had taken several shots to get my settings right and when I was all ready I just called his name. He popped up asking, “What?” and, click!

WEB 2014 01 27 yum 010

Thank you for visiting! Remember to continue on the blog circle to see more reflections!



Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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