Shoveling and Sledding

We got 6 inches of snow in the Fredericksburg area yesterday! I thought I’d still be able to get away with not shoveling the driveway, but then I remembered my husband is returning home from a business trip tonight and he’d probably like to be able to drive into the garage. We have a 70 foot driveway, so it was a workout!

Only a few feet done and I'm exerting myself.

But after the work, we played. Here’s my snow angel. The snow was crispy and hard to break into.

WEB 2014 02 14 shoveling snow 028

I remembered to practice a little backlighting for this week’s Project 52 theme, as the sun was beginning to get low. I got a few I like, so watch for them next Tuesday!

Backlit Tree

Shoveling created artwork as balls of snow rolled across the snow-covered lawn, drawing lines and curves.

Little Pieces of Snow Rolled Down The Hill

And yesterday the wind created these little snowdrifts (as well as some bigger ones).d

WEB 2014 02 14 snow play 006

Rhiannon drew a smiley in the snow.

Rhiannon's Smiley Face in the Snow

Caroline threatened me with a snowball.

Threatening with a Snowball

I was glad to see that even Ian, who has not had much prior interest in the snow, cheerfully joined us for a while. I’m sorry I chopped off his hands here, but otherwise I like the photo for its emotion and action. I should have switched to the wider lens sooner.

WEB 2014 02 14 snow play 024

The next photo is actually a still I captured from a video, in Lightroom, the first time I’ve ever tried the technique. Yay! I was impressed by my son’s sledding technique, especially considering his lack of experience. He jumped into the sled, making it zoom down the hill.

My Favorite Clip From the Video

After a few trips down the hill with the sleds, the girls pondered fort-building. Ultimately, it was decided to wait until their Dad is home tomorrow so he can share his fort-building experience. Thankfully, there will still be lots of snow on the ground tomorrow.

WEB 2014 02 14 snow play 033



  1. So many great photos. I love the three sleds huddling together in front of the porch steps — looks like they are planning their next ride. Also, Caroline’s one purple glove, one green glove, and fuzzy white hood — a trifecta of color and texture!

    Came over here from Facebook when I saw that you were shoveling out because your husband would need to get up the driveway. I’m sorry to say that when my husband got in today from a business trip that included lots of delayed and cancelled flights, he got stuck in our driveway. It is a country drive and far too long to shovel, but let me just say, you made the right decision to shovel! Since the half mile drive is too far to shovel, at least I had a fire going in the fire place.


    • Thanks for the comment Jeanne! Yeah, I need to learn fire-building skills. We do have a wood fireplace. 🙂

      I’m pretty happy with the pictures I took of Caroline in that spot too. (More to come to my blog next week.) I had some photographer-growth moments.


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