Week 07 Back Lighting

Another week has zoomed by already?! I have been keeping the themes for my projects in mind though! This week for Project 52 we played with lighting coming from behind our subjects.

First, a cute pair for practice.

Caught in a Ray of Sunshine

I’ve been intrigued by the texture of snow recently and have photographed it several times.

Snow Texture

And these two are my favorites, because they are people pictures.

WEB 2014 02 14 snow play 018

WEB 2014 02 14 snow play 020

Now continue on our blog circle. Next up is Danielle at Lilac Blossom Photography!



  1. Oh I love these, especially the snow texture and the stuffed animals. Good lighting makes me happy! šŸ˜‰ You have good lighting in these!


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