Happy 50th Day of 2014!

I’m thinking of posting my Project 365 photos on my blog again. I have been posting them in a gallery, which you can see here.  But I don’t want to just post pictures; I also want to write. And sometimes I want to share more than one photo on one day.

However, unlike the last couple of days, I only took one picture today.

Well, there were about 15 in all, and there are still 4 left after all the deleting, but they’re all the same subject. The first five didn’t include me, as I was setting up the camera. Then I set it to continuously shoot 10 frames after a short timer, giving me time to run to the sofa.

Watching Sesame Street
Watching Sesame Street

Ian is my first child to be interested in Sesame Street. It’s kind of fun, in a nostalgic way. Some of the skits even seem familiar. Did you see the muppets reflected in the framed poster above our sofa?


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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