2014 Week 9 {Low Light} Museum, Sleeping, & Playing

Museums are low light, right? We spent Monday afternoon at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C. The dinosaur exhibit is definitely low light, at least. We wanted to go see it one last time before they close the dinosaur exhibit for remodeling for FIVE years.

Dinosaur Butts

The rocks and gems exhibits had several dark spaces too, including the room with the flawless crystal sphere. I discovered I could photograph people upside down in it. I didn’t have many willing subjects, unfortunately.

Ian in the Crystal Ball

In one of my favorite memories of the day, I photographed my son here in the Hope Diamond room, where he walked over to me and said, “I read that entire sign all by myself!”

Ian Reading About the Hope Diamond

Early this morning I realized it was Project 52 posting day and, thinking I hadn’t photographed any low light already this week, my first thought was to photograph my sleeping children.  Of course!  😀  This was really low light, as it’s a western facing bedroom with curtains closed.

WEB 2014 02 25 goodmorning 002

Finally, here is my favorite because I captured emotion. My kids are playing video games on iPhone and iPod.

Really Low Light

Please let me know what you think in the comments and then continue on our Project 52 blog circle to see more low light photography!  Next is Danielle at Lilac Blossom Photography.



  1. Museums are definitely low light! We went to the Museum of Science and Tech in Ottawa over the weekend and I debated using those photos for this assignment as well. They definitely keep those places pretty dim. Looks like you captured some wonderful memories of a fun day!


  2. Wow I can’t believe they’re closing the exhibit for that long! Looks like a fun day, I need to take my kids to a museum other than the children’s museum…I think they’re old enough to handle it! That last b&w one is my fave!


  3. I grew up in DC going to the Smithsonian! Love it there! Especially the hope diamond room. I tried to get photos in there a couple of years ago. NOT GOOD! LOL I really love the last one! Love the emotion!


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