Monthly Creative Exercise {Letters/Numbers} February

For February’s creative exercise we included words or numbers in our photographs to make them stronger. I shot purposefully for this theme only a couple of times so I was impressed, when I browsed through the month’s photos in my Lightroom, by the number of photos in which I had included text. I hope I’m not going overboard sharing 9 photos for my Monthly Creative Exercise blog circle.

Early in the month my walking partner and I had to alter our years-old routine when construction began on Fall Hill Avenue in Fredericksburg. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to walk by the river and around town.

We walked past the signs to sneak a look . . .

In the middle of month we had another snowfall and I think it was the biggest one so far this winter. As you can see by the ruler I stuck in the snow on the sidewalk in front of my house it reached 6 inches!

Okay, I Guess We Got Enough Snow

My son loves fruit, including in the form of juice, so these Good Belly probiotic/vitamin drinks are terrific for him. He also likes to have combinations of the same fruit in different forms at the same time. His most frequent request of this type has been for apple slices, apple sauce, and apple juice.  😀

WEB 2014 02 18 Tuesday 004

In one of my intentional word photoshoots I decided to record the state of one of my bookshelves. The state of this bookshelf does change as new books enter and old books move out. You might get the idea that I am studying photography and enjoy history from the books you see here, and you’d be right! (Although ⅔ of the history books’ titles are lost to blur — one is A Short History of the World by J.M. Roberts, the other is Savage Kingdom: The True Story of Jamestown, 1607, and the Settlement of America by Benjamin Woolley. 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus is by Charles Mann.)

my bookshelf, 50mm

I actually brought my camera to Wegman’s a couple of weeks ago because I’d been telling my mom, who lives across the country, about the store, and it occurred to me that I could show her and not just rely on words. Then look! I produced another photograph with words.  😀

Bananas 49c

I love words. I love Scrabble. My daughter and I enjoyed a game of it last weekend, during which I was inspired to practice wide angle lens photography.

Scrabble With My Daughter

It’s funny how sometimes we try to make a photograph with something particular in mind and it’s disappointing and then other times we snap something quickly and it turns out to be photograph we love. I think this photo of my son in the dinosaur exhibit at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum, though not fabulous technically, may be my best example of using words meaningfully in photography.

Please Touch

I already shared this photo for last week’s low light theme, but it has a story all about words, so I can’t resist sharing it again. My son came over to me in the Hope Diamond room at the Natural History Museum and proudly announced, “I read that sign all by myself!”

Ian Reading About the Hope Diamond

This is one of the reasons he has mastered reading and spelling. Scribblenauts is one of our favorite games. He types whatever he wants in the input field and the object or character appears in the game. If the program doesn’t recognize what he types, it offers up several suggestions. Last year he used to ask me how to spell things a lot. Now he rarely does. Also, his typing speed and accuracy amazes me!


That’s probably enough for one post! Now please continue on our blog circle to C/SAW Photography by Cheryl Sawyer.  Or if you’re going in the other direction, you can go to Lisa Rigazio Photography. Thank you for leaving a comment to let me know you were here!



  1. Hi! I found the circle through CM…I really like your stories and the “please touch” picture at the museum…geeat job!


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