2014 Week 09 {One Object Ten Ways} My Fruit Bowl

What a creative mind-stretching exercise this was!  After enjoying my fruit bowl — perhaps along with some apple or clementine slices of your own for a snack — please leave a comment to let me know you were here and then continue on our Project 52 blog circle to Jennifer at Designed Chaos.

My Fruit Bowl

My Fruit Bowl By The Window

My Fruit Bowl Close Up and Desaturated

My Fruit Bowl Desaturated

My Fruit Bowl and Monday’s Snowfall

Outside AND My Fruit Bowl Both Decently Lit

My Fruit Bowl’s One Lime

One Lime

My Fruit Bowl Backlit

Backlit Fruit Bowl

One Quarter of My Fruit Bowl

A Corner of My Fruit Bowl

Looking Up At My Fruit Bowl

Looking Up At My Fruit Bowl

Looking Way Down At My Fruit Bowl From the Balcony Above The Foyer

On The Foyer Floor Below the Balcony


Scary Fruit Bowl

(Simulated) Fruit Bowl at The End of the Week

Fruit Bowl At The End of the Week

I actually took 26 pictures of my fruit bowl in this photo shoot, keeping and processing 20 of them. I’m surprised! Next week’s theme will be alternative light. I’m not sure yet what this means, but I suspect learning to use it will help me improve on photos like the scary fruit bowl above. 😀

Thank you for visiting! Please let me know you were here by leaving a comment below and remember to continue on the blog train. Next up is Jennifer at Designed Chaos.



  1. OMG that’s a lot of fruit. They all look so perfect in that bowl. I love the different angles, lighting, and processing of these. Nice job!


    • Thank you! Believe it or not, most of the fruit will be gone in a week, and in two weeks, if I skip a week of shopping, the fruit bowl really will look quite like that last picture, except the banana would be brown. 😛


    • Oh good! I’m glad I’m not the only one that was amused by my scary fruit bowl. My family response was more like, “Eh?”


  2. Thank you! Looking at these pictures again I thought of yet more ways I could photograph them. I should have tried rearranging the fruit better.


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