2014 Week 12 {Rule of Thirds} Composition

One of the basic design principles is the Rule of Thirds. I learned this first when I took some classes on digital scrapbooking in 2008. Imagine superimposing a tic tac toe grid on the image. The areas of a scrapbook page or photo with the most visual draw or impact are where the gridlines intersect. My Project 52 group focused on this basic principle this week.

I use the rule of thirds a lot in my photography, as a guideline. In this recent photo, his left eye, the one closest to the camera, is exactly on the intersection of two of the grid lines. The makes his eye contact even more compelling.

Deep Focus

For the next picture, I picked up my camera because I liked the shadow lines. These two cute creatures were the most available subjects at the time. 🙂  When I cropped the photo in post processing I put the dog’s curious face right on the cross of two gridlines to make the photo even more dynamic.

Line Shadows

And one more because three is a good number in design, this photo is another good example of rule of thirds because the goose’s eye is exactly where two lines cross, and its neck, both actual and reflected, fall along the line on the right.

WEB 2014 03 02 lens rental day3 030

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