2014 Week 13 {centered composition} Spring is Finally Here

I don’t do centered compositions very much! But there are times when it is a good idea. I need to explore this more.

This wasn’t even a centered composition originally, but I cropped it to be so. I think my son was happy with the warm weather opportunity to climb trees at the park this week.

WEB 2014 04 01 spring 012

And I am renewing my efforts to take daily walks. You might think I am successful at getting out to walk on a daily basis by the looks of these shoes, but really they are just old.

WEB 2014 04 03 early walk 004

And finally, here is the biggest sign of spring in my yard, the blossoms on my sunset maple tree.

WEB 2014 04 03 early walk 014

Thank you for looking at my photos. There are more centered compositions to see in our Project 52 blog circle. Check out Danielle’s pictures at Lilac Blossom Photography next!



Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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