Tutorial Tuesday: CreativeLIVE

Welcome to my first post for Tutorial Tuesday in which I write little tips or long articles, sometimes for beginners, sometimes for more advanced users. Today’s tip is for anyone who is interested in advancing their skills in photography, design, and/or business. Those are the main topics at CreativeLIVE, one of my favorite places to learn.

I’ve been watching CreativeLIVE classes since May 2010, just before I bought my first DSLR. It was John Greengo, in his CreativeLIVE class, Fundamentals of Digital Photography, who encouraged me to take photography seriously with his fabulous visuals and manner of speaking. Since then I’ve consumed and learned from classes about many topics including Lightroom, marketing, newborn photography, and building a website with WordPress.

The way it works is very clever and I think it works well for everyone involved. We can watch the classes for free at the time they are broadcast and rebroadcast. There is a live chat room for internet viewers and a live audience of about 5 people, so it’s quite interactive. The classes are on sale during that time period. If we decide to buy the class, we receive high and low resolution video files of the entire class (and can also watch at the website). So I have watched some classes and then decided to buy. Other classes I’ve just watched, scribbling notes furiously, wishing I had more money so I could buy all the classes I’d like to have.

I wrote blog posts for CreativeLIVE last fall, including Jack Davis’ 5 Step Tango.

Sometimes I like to check in to CreativeLIVE while I eat my lunch.  😀 WEB 2014 01 27 yum 006


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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