Oh my gosh. Indecision is paralyzing. I’ve changed my blogging around so many times in the last year I’ve lost track and haven’t accomplished much.

However, I think I’ve made up  my mind. I’m keeping this old blog that dates back to 2003. I’m upgrading it to make the old, useful information more accessible. I have some good stuff in the archives and pages about pregnancy, home birth, eczema, food allergies, co-sleeping, baby-wearing, and homeschooling. And this is going to continue to be my personal blog, where I mostly write about my family’s unschooled adventures along with occasional other topics as I’m inspired.

My new blog, which I’ve had for nearly a full year now, will be exclusively for my photography. Last year, I was encouraged by a speaker at CreativeLIVE to combine my personal and photography blogs, but after struggling with the reality of copying everything over from here to there, I’ve come to believe that while it’s good to be a little personal on a business blog, it’s also good not to bombard people with posts on a variety of topics when they may have subscribed to my blog just for the photography.

According to my subscriber widget, I have 259 followers of this blog.  So, what do you all think?

p.s. Here’s a selfie of me in February, working at  my computer. So now, when you’re reading posts from me, you can imagine how I look. Although half the time I’m working during the day, with a lawn and woods and sunshine outside those windows.  😀

Welcome to My Office


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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