2014 Week 17 {Photographer's Choice} Good Old Fashioned Park Day

Park days are a popular way for homeschool friends to get together. We had a weekly park day when our kids were younger. We brought lunch and snacks and spent hours playing and talking. Now our kids are involved in other activities and park days have become less regular, but I think they still love them. We had a “good old fashioned park day” last Thursday. It is a challenge to shoot in mid-day sun, but I’m determined to learn how best to do it. I want to photograph events and they don’t always take place during the golden hour. The highlight of the day was perhaps the fighting with homemade weapons made from PVC pipe, foam pool noodles, and duct tape. FAHA Battle at Loriella Park Commences WEB 2014 04 24 Loriella Park 008 There was also swinging, spinning, and walking through the woods. WEB 2014 04 24 Loriella Park 080 WEB 2014 04 24 Loriella Park 097 Friends on A Path This is part of my Project 52 blog circle. It’ll be a wonderful surprise to see what everyone else chooses to share this week, with such a wide open theme as “photographer’s choice.”  Next visit Danielle at Lilac Blossom Photography.


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