Monthly Creative Exercise {Photographic Time Capsule} Life with Computers

Some people shoot timeless photographs. For April’s CM Creativity Exercise, and my monthly blog circle, we were encouraged to do the opposite and create a “photographic time capsule,” deliberately dating our photos with product placement, fashion, modern technology, etc. I think nearly all of my people photography is more along the lines of time capsule than timeless, actually. Recording people doing what they want to do is my most compelling reason to make pictures.

If you’re following the blog circle you just came from Lisa Rigazio Photography  and next up is Lisa at LifeDotStyle.

In my family, we spend a lot of time interacting in front of computers, either playing games like Minecraft, sharing music, discussing history or science in CGPGrey or Crash Course videos, or working on written or creative projects.

Rhiannon, Minecraft Coach

This photo records a lot memories for a time capsule: our old vinyl flooring we have been planning to replace for a long time, my love of maps, my son’s love of gaming, that mess of wires that is gradually becoming a thing of the past, and my son’s tendency to not bother with shirts and sit with his feet under him.

WEB 2014 05 06 home 002

My kids love to write . . . but rarely do they write on paper. Yay for the trees!

Caroline, Author, further cropped

The first three photos are all from the last few weeks. The last photo is from last June, taken for an assignment during my Lifestyle Photography class. It amazes me how nimble and skilled my son is on the keyboard. His fingers fly and he types words with a lot of accuracy. I’m glad to have a photo that shows the keyboard he learned on. As you can see above, we have recently bought a new computer and we expect the old laptop is near the end of its days.

I might use this one for my LWK week 4 assignment.


Thanks for your visit!  If you’re following the blog circle you just came from Lisa Rigazio Photography  and next up is Lisa at LifeDotStyle.



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