Flashback Friday: Theatreworks


Our first Theatreworks show was The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe in December 2008. According to my calendar journal, my girls (then 7 and 5) enjoyed the show, but my 19  month old son cried so much during the sword fighting that I took him out into the lobby.

I don’t have any photos from our visit to the theater that day, but here are a couple of photos of my kids from that month. In the first one Ian is running around the hall of Paragon Gymnastics where my daughters took several classes (and later my son took a couple).  In the second photo, according to its caption, Caroline is posing her own way instead of following Rhiannon’s direction. I didn’t know then how dramatic Caroline would become.

running in the gym hallway     Caroline posing her own way instead of following Rhiannon's direction









Reason for this flashback: 

I just learned that Theaterworks is going to be putting on a production of The Lightning Thief, based on the first book of the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan. My girls devoured all Riordan’s books early this spring and now I’m rereading them more slowly to Ian. The show isn’t until January 28, but we’re reserving tickets now because they sell out early.


The only potential problem is that the show is on a Wednesday, which is drama club day. I asked Rhiannon if she remembered the other two Theatreworks shows we’ve seen. Neither of us even remembered what the first show was, but when I told her the second show we saw was based on the t.v. cartoon Max & Ruby she vaguely remembered it. I was trying to determine whether the shows are worth missing a drama club meeting. She said that if it’s Percy Jackson, as long as it’s not awful like the movie, we have to go see it.

By chance, I came across the calendar entry that told me what the first show was pretty quickly. I missed most of it, walking the halls with Ian. But I remember the Max & Ruby show being cute. The shows are short, geared for kids. I’m a little concerned it won’t be great. However, I realized we may be able to see the show and still make it to drama club because the show is in the morning and the club meetings are in the late afternoon.

In any case, this was another enjoyable jaunt down memory lane, prompted by making fun plans for the future.


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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