Twenty Years Ago Today

Twenty years ago today I worked 7:00 – 4:00 at my salesclerk job (except I was working back stock that day, which meant lots of folding shirts and ripping plastic off of hanging clothes). Then I  headed to Ellen Browning Scripps Park, one of my favorite places in San Diego. I sat on a bench pretending to read The Great Gatsby, as pre-arranged.

I’d answered Robert’s ad on Prodigy (early Internet service provider) two weeks prior and had spoken to him on the phone the previous week. He had asked during that phone call, “So, do you want to see my face?” We decided that I’d hold The Great Gatsby so he’d recognize me.

In the spiral notebook that was my personal journal that year I wrote, “I was thinking it was a bad idea to meet at Ellen Browning Scripps Park when I arrived in La Jolla and saw how crowded it was. . . . It was already 5:15 and I was a little concerned about us finding each other. I must have felt his eyes on me because I turned and saw him walking toward me, slowly, determinedly, and I knew this is Robert. He shook my hand, which I really liked.”

I only know the pizza we ate at The Spot had tomatoes, bell peppers, and mushrooms and that I chose the tomatoes and he chose the other two, because I wrote it down in my journal. I do remember the amazement I felt when we stood up from that meal and I noticed the restaurant had grown crowded around us. I had been so focused on talking with Robert the entire time I hadn’t seen anything else.

We walked along the shoreline. I showed Robert the place where I had jumped off the cliff a year or two before. He stared in disbelief and asked if I really had. After darkness fell, we heard a flute in one of the little green huts perched here and there on the cliffs and Robert asked if I’d like to dance. So we did, right there, with people passing by.

1994 07 31 knight dana pointOur first kiss was just above Seal Rock, near the Children’s Cove (I don’t think either are called that anymore), just off the sidewalk amongst some flowers.

Shutterbug that I have always been, of course there are early pictures. Not that first night! But on July 31, 1994 we met at Dana Point, a half way point between our homes in San Diego and L.A. (first two pictures) and on August 6 he came back down to San Diego for a visit and I acted as sort of a tour guide.  And of course I brought my camera along. The last photo was taken in Balboa Park. Look! I did selfies long before they became popular. 😀

1994 07 31 two of us dana point

1994 08 06 kissing balboa park

I love you Robert! I’m so looking forward to seeing our next wonderful twenty years! And twenty more after that! ❤ ❤



  1. […] In late 1993 we started using the internet service provider, Prodigy. My mom encouraged me to check it out but I was busy with college and whatever else, so I didn’t get around to it for a while. When I finally did, a lot of it was interesting, and the personal ads were not part that my mom mentioned to me but I found them. Still, even as I had fun responding to personal ads and meeting a few men, I didn’t expect to find my husband this way. Read that story on last summer’s blog post, Twenty Years Ago Today. […]


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