Project 365 Week 27 The Scavenger Hunt Begins!

On Monday I managed to get out for a morning walk and I played with my iPhone camera. One of my favorite images from that was this view up into tree branches.  Tuesday was the first day of the always fun annual ClickinMoms Scavenger Hunt. You can tell which photos are for the hunt because they have those big signs in them.  That ice cream cone really does have 6 scoops, and they’re each a different flavor. It’s harder than I thought to make a 6 scoop cone!  Another day, my daughter modeled some duct tape projects, and of course I captured some fireworks on the 4th.  My neighbors give us a great fireworks show!  The old books are also for the scavenger hunt, but I was so inspired by the prompt that it turned into a book photo shoot and I eventually removed the sign.  I love books, I love history, and I love old books!  The lemons just looked and smelled so yummy I had to photograph them before turning them into lemonade. 🙂 2014 365week27 WEB I have joined a blog circle for this Project. Continue on the circle by visiting Kristin’s blog.



    • Thank you LaShawn! There are still over two weeks — plenty of time — to do the Scavenger Hunt. In the first 4 days I reached halfway toward the goal.


    • Thank you Kari! You two probably understand why that scavenger hunt prompt turned into a photo shoot. To be exact, it was “something over 100 years old.” 🙂


  1. Good luck on the hunt… can’t wait til my kids are older and hopefully want to do it altogether! Think I’m going to have to get some lemons tomorrow!


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