Project 365 Weeks 30 & 31 Photography Hiatus

Business 101 not only discouraged me from going into business. I didn’t even want to take photos much in the last couple of weeks. Most of these are iPhone shots.

I still thought about photography every day though. I will definitely never give that up. I must try to capture many moments for later reminiscing.

2014 365week30and31 WEB

The book in the upper right corner is one of Cassandra Clare’s. I consumed her entire Mortal Instruments series in the last two weeks. (During which I noticed July 27 is her birthday, coincidentally!) The small photo of my daughter with her hands on her hips is actually a still captured from a video of one of her shows during her two week performing arts summer camp. My son really enjoyed feeding the ducks in the rain, and my other daughter tried out her sleeping bag while packing for a sleepover. The ferns are in Dahlgren Trail, one of my favorite places for my Saturday morning walks with my friend. The arches are underneath the Fredericksburg train station. The last photo is of fog right over my house yesterday morning. The unseasonably cool weather has been enjoyable but weird.

This is a blog circle. Please continue on to see Bianca’s week.



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