Project 365 Week 32 Fun and Nature

Slowly coming out of my photography hiatus, I did make pictures every day this week!

At the beginning of the week we had some family games. This is a set of homemade cards Robert made for our own version of Sleeping Queens.

Homemade Sleeping Queens


I posted my buggy flowers already, but here’s this one again so there will be precisely 7 photos in this post. 😀

Tiny Red Bugs


I also posted my TARDIS photos a few days ago already. This one’s my favorite.

Tardis in The Middle Ages


For Thursday, I only have iPhone photos from my morning walk, but I like this one a lot.

Morning In My Neighborhood

Friday was a fun day, and I took dozens of photos. We went bowling and saw friends we hadn’t seen in a couple of months. Caroline’s method of bowling involves steering the ball.

Steering The Bowling Ball


Saturday I played with my camera outside at sunset.

Backlit Tree


Sunday my son inspired my photoshoot of the day when I passed his room and saw the way he was organizing his toy cars.

Arranging Cars


Now continue on the blog circle to Bianca’s Project 365.



  1. Such a great variety of images! I love the iphone shot from the morning walk!

    I love the lines theme you have going this week. Shooting through lines, the curve of the road, the lines of the branches, the bowling alley, the cars . . . lovely!


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