Project 365 Week 33

I already posted my Rainy Tuesday photos and pictures from our hike around Ficklen Island. Here are a few more photos from this week. At the end you’ll find a link so you can follow my Project 365 blog circle. Monday I only took photos with my iPhone on my morning walk. Another Kind of Yellow Flower Wednesday, again, I only used my iPhone. You can see what my son is watching on t.v., reflected in the picture above the sofa. Sitting {Still} Watching TV (cmglimpse) Friday I didn’t take any photos at all! 😦 Saturday I captured this bug in my backyard. As you can see in the second photo, like my kids, the bug didn’t want to be photographed either. Bug WEB 2014 08 16 backyard 013 Despite the unseasonably cool weather, we went swimming on Sunday. Do you think my son has enough to stay afloat? 😉 Floating

Now visit Kristin to see her Project 365 and continue on our  blog circle.


One comment

  1. I LOL’ed at the bug comment! I think I need to get more creative with my choice of subject also as my kids are kinda over it! Love the pool shot!


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