Project 365 Week 34 Fun, Games, & Peace

Zoom! There goes another week. Here it was fun and relaxing. My son likes to pull his shirt over his head. And sometimes I like to test how photos would look in black & white. Inside His Shirt Inside His Shirt We had friends over for lunch and frivolity one day. Watching Silly Videos This photo was the only interesting one I took that day. And I used my phone camera. 2014 08 24 good morning 002 Here’s my son playing with Munchkin cards again. He loves to line up a lot of cards to make wildly complicated hands. After this we started a project to make our own homemade deck with cards such as The Rainbow Trout and The Troll. Lots of Munchkin Bedtime was postponed one night for a game of toss-and-catch-the-empty-lemonade-bottle. Playing Catch Here’s another phone photo for the other day this week that I didn’t pick up my DSLR.  I’m content with what the iPhone can do, especially since Instagram upgraded their editing capability. I plan to try out some of the editing apps I’ve heard about someday, but that’s a lower priority for me than working with my DSLR and Lightroom. One Side of My Neighborhood INSTAGRAMMED Speaking of Lightroom, I look pretty much like this when I’m working in Lightroom, though in this photo my computer screen has my mail reader and browser open. I prefer to edit early in the morning because I’m a morning person, and it’s peaceful. That’s why I made this photo, with the help of a tripod, for this week’s CM Project 52 theme, peace. Peace in the MorningThanks for visiting! There’s more Project 365 if you continue on the blog circle. Click here to visit Bianca next.


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