Project 365 Week 35 A Few Interesting Things

Our activities last week didn’t inspire my photography very much. In my previous post, I already shared our Monday visit to the Newseum.  Tuesday and Wednesday I didn’t even pick up my DSLR. I captured some crazy early fall color on my walk Tuesday morning. And Wednesday I photographed my desk to show my husband, who was away on business, that I put the Netflix video in a place where I’d definitely remember to return it the next day. 😀  Thursday almost went by again with no photography, but in the evening I caught some beautiful light. It’s not a fascinating subject, but I am sure that I will find it interesting in the future to remember the color palettes of my wardrobe and my husband’s.  Friday I captured some day in the life photos of my kids. Here my daughter is watching a CGPGrey video about how the jury process works. Saturday I did some photography “scales” a la David Duchemin’s book, The Visual Toolbox, and when I headed back inside I decided to try harder to photography what I really want to shoot, people. This was patience practice too, waiting for the moment. And I did that again on Sunday, even better, capturing my daughter’s reaction to what she was reading on the computer.  Gosh, I managed to choose 3 photos of the day this week with computers in them!

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