Project 365 Week 36 Back to Busy

We unschool but life still gets busier in September. So while this is seven photos, there are two pairs from the same two days and two days I have no DSLR photos. 🙂

The kids watched several CGPGrey videos and read some things together this week.

Siblings On The Computer

When my son and I played with letter tiles and he began making towers and dropping tiles on them I realized it was an opportunity to practice slow shutter speed.

Dropping Letter Tiles

On Tuesday we celebrated Not Back to School by spending a few hours swimming in a lake.

Instead of Back To School, We Jumped in a Lake WEB 2014 09 02 not back to school swim 016

On Friday we went on the Fredericksburg trolley tour. It was very difficult to take pictures through the trolley windows! However, I practiced intentional motion blur. Usually that means moving the camera, but in this case I held the camera still on the window sill and the trolley provided the motion.  I like how it looks like a painting and you can still make out some details of the city street.

Abstract About Town #2

We had some awesome cloud formations this week! I am a frequent admirer of the sky. These were above the library on Saturday.

Clouds Above the Library

My daughter insisted we go on a walk around the neighborhood Sunday. I try to take a walk every day, but was going to skip Sunday, so I credit her for getting my exercise that day.  And it gave me a nice opportunity to practice my photography, in beautiful sunset light, no less.

Thank you for visiting!  This is a blog circle, so continue on to see Bianca’s photos.


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