Flashback Friday: September 2014

😀  I’m doing a Flashback Friday of photos just from last month because I’m amazed to see how fast September flew by.  We had a leisurely, rather unexciting summer so September’s suddenly busy schedule came as a bit of shock.  Turns out I only get to have stay at home days twice a week, and even those can be scheduled with field trips, errands, or family outings.  I’m not complaining. I’m grateful for the opportunities we have. It has just been an adjustment getting into a new routine. And we’re still not totally there yet, but we’re having a great time.

We started out September, as usual, with our post-Labor Day Not-Back-To-School Swim. The weather in September was very autumn-y. Even on this swim day it was barely warm enough to swim. That is, that was how I felt. My kids love to swim any time.

WEB 2014 09 02 not back to school swim 016

Drama Club, my girls’ favorite activity for the last couple of years, finally began again. My girls missed it as soon as it ended last spring and wish it didn’t have to go on a summer break. Here’s Caroline having some creative fun with the script.

Caroline Makes Good Use of the Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Script


Bus on My Morning Walk INSTAGRAMMEDCaroline also added an acting class and both girls added a second drama club to their schedules. A local homeschool group offers a beginning and advanced drama club. They’ve been in the advanced one for a few years, since before it was called “Drama 2,” and they asked and were allowed to join the beginner one just last week. They don’t care that it’s “beginning” and goes at a slower pace. They just love to act.

Rhiannon is continuing the piano and voice lessons she has been doing weekly, year-long, for four years now. She’s also participating in a film club. They’re working on recreating a Twilight Zone episode and later doing something inspired by Hitchcock. Also she has become involved in a “tweens and teens” homeschool group that is nearly running itself, meeting once a week, making plans, negotiating decisions, and having fun. Many of the kids in this group have known each other longer than they can remember, so it’s a joy for us parents to watch.

My biggest accomplishment of September is probably that I have finally established a strong daily walk habit. I don’t even have to talk myself into it as I used to. I just do it automatically. On the couple of days when I considered skipping it, I didn’t want to.  And now I even have occasional stinky busses to contend with!  But I’m pretty good at timing my walks to avoid them. 😀  The thing that helped establish the habit, I think, is that I decided to take a “walk photo of the day” and even created myself an Instagram hashtag for it so that at some point I will make an album. At least once a week, my walks are somewhere more interesting than my neighborhood.

TNT Voting

Here are the tweens and teens voting at their very first meeting.

They're Off!

They played some capture the flag. Our homeschool group also had a cooking class, a show & tell, a morning of playground games, and an ASL class this month.

What about Ian? He’s climbing everything and loves pretend battles and can be very dramatic like his sisters, but still does not want to take a class or join a group. He also loves to read so much that sometimes he’ll amuse himself on car drives by calling out the words on passing signs.



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