Project 365 December 1 to December 7

I’ve been involved in a Project 365 group most of this year and we have decided to turn it into a blog circle. I didn’t hesitate to join in because blog circles are awesome. For any kind of goal, it helps to have a partner — or several — encouraging us to keep going.

Please visit all the participants in our blog circle. There aren’t too many. After you see my photos (and thank you for leaving a comment) visit Tina Fisher Photography.

I was beginning to worry I would have nothing to share for our first week for a while though. Since early October, I’ve been dealing with computer issues, particularly with Lightroom. First, my catalog refused to back up anymore, and then became totally corrupt and unusable. It has been a struggle to find help or reasons, and even when I started all over with a new catalog, I continued to have crashes, and then that new catalog even corrupted, though thankfully this time I had a back-up to return to.

Anyway, not being able to process photos discourages me from making photos, especially because I shoot raw (like film negatives) which requires processing. I continued to shoot phone pictures on my daily walks, but there are many November days I didn’t touch my DSLR, including a full week stretch between my birthday and Thanksgiving.  I hadn’t gone that long without picking up my camera since last year!  My Project 365 this year is the most complete ever since I switched from simply point-and-shoot memory-keeping to DSLR skill-building.  You can see all my current Project 365 photos in a gallery HERE if you’d like.

With December upon us, I began picking up my camera purposefully again and as I went through my photos for the last week, I was impressed to find I’m happy to post one for nearly every day!

Monday Dec. 1 Playing Munchkin With Her Brother

Playing Munchkin

Tuesday Dec. 2 Mario & Luigi

These are among Ian’s favorites. And they were sitting here like this when I finally picked up my DSLR for the first time at 9 p.m.

Mario & Luigi

Wednesday Dec. 3  Camera Shy

I brought my camera along with me on errands and had a little photoshoot during lunch in the Food Court.

Camera Shy

Thursday Dec. 4 Caroline Set Up The Tree

All by herself. For the second year in a row. 😀

Caroline Set Up The Tree

Friday Dec. 5  Grand Piano At The Library

It was supposed to be a homeschool group gathering for Christmas karaoke, but no one came except for two strangers passing by. That didn’t stop us though! Pass up the chance to use a grand piano? No way. The kids performed some skits and sang and played for over two hours.

Music At The Library

Sunday Dec. 7  A Couple More Plush Friends Have Arrived

. . . to hang out on my bookcase with the usual occupants.  😀

A Couple More Plush Friends Have Arrived

Thank you for looking!  Next up is Tina Fisher Photography.



Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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