Project 365 Dec 8 to 14

Yes! It’s already time for the second round through my new Project 365 blog circle. Remember to click on the link at the end of this post to visit the next photographer in the circle, Lindsey Pedey.

Some weeks I don’t manage to take a picture I love every day, though, and this was one of them.  But it was a good week.

December 9

This was so fun. On the way home from a writers’ workshop with our homeschool group, my kids began talking about having pet dragons. When we got home, Rhiannon pulled out How To Raise and Keep a Dragon by John Topsell and they read through the various types of dragons, deciding which ones they own and so on. I crept upstairs with my camera and captured the memory.

Discussing and Choosing Pet Dragons

December 10

I love our Christmas tree topper this year.  It’s similar to what my siblings and I did with our tree when I was in high school, only back then it was a teddy bear. My sister gave me this smiley many years ago. I’ve always like smiley faces.

Our Happy Christmas Tree Topper

December 11

We attended a wonderful homeschool event on Thursday. It was at our local Riverside Theater, but it was more than a performance of Babes In Toyland. There were raffles, some instruction in stage special effects, caroling (Caroline got to go on stage and lead in singing White Christmas!), and a Q&A session with the actors after the show.

Waiting For The Show to Start

December 13

I think this will be the first Christmas Eve since I’ve had kids that I won’t be wrapping Christmas presents. Caroline offered to wrap them for me, and it’s really a task I don’t like much, so I was happy to let her do it. I wrapped her presents myself, of course, and a few of her siblings’ that I didn’t want her to see because they’re similar to items she’s getting too, and then I happily called her to wrap the rest. She even carried some of them downstairs and arranged them all under the tree.

Putting the Gifts Under the Tree

Thank you for visiting our blog circle today. Next up is Lindsey Pedey Photography .



  1. Michele! I love these photos and the stories that go with them!! I have to tell you that my 8 year old has been wrapping since he was 6! My least favorite and his favorite, it works so well. 🙂 So fun to see your week!!!


  2. I agree with Tina – love the photos and the stories, great storytelling images actually. Love the interaction between the kids discussing the dragons.


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