Project 365 December 15 to 21 Celebrations

This week was full of celebrations. Thank you for visiting our blog circle. After viewing my photos, continue all the way around the circle. Next up is Vicky at Random Little Faves.

Monday December 15

First, my girls’ Drama 1 club had their Christmas party. It was a lot of fun, including wrapping each other up in wrapping paper and playing Charade.

Blowing Bubbles During Drama 1 Party

Tuesday December 16

Then we decorated cookies with friends. I’m not sure if I want to continue this tradition. None of my kids actually like eating these cookies — they only like decorating them — but guess who does like eating them. Yes, me.

Decorating Cookies

Wednesday December 17

There were no official celebrations today — it was just a regular day of film and drama clubs — but I celebrated one of the best versions ever of my awesome favorite breakfast. Most days, I scramble eggs and veggies. Sometimes I eat them in a bowl; sometimes wrapped in a flour tortilla. On this day they were topped with Daiya cheddar-style and peach salsa. Mmm, my mouth is watering again as I type this (probably because I’m typing before breakfast!).

My Favorite Breakfast

Thursday December 18

My girls had an extra rehearsal on Thursday and my son and I spent some time outside on the sidewalk near the library before we went inside. I’m getting better again at remembering to bring my camera along everywhere, like a good student of photography.

Speaking of which, this week I studied a Clickinmoms Breakout (Mini-Class) called The Art of Authenticity: Telling Honest Stories About Real Life by Jessica Thomason.  She is a family photojournalist, which is my aspiration.  Here’s an affiliate link to Clickinmoms if you’d like to try them out:

Clickin' Moms

"Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death" - Patrick Henry

Inside the library theater, my daughter and friends were playing Crazy Eights to occupy themselves between their turns on stage.

Drama Club Extra Rehearsal

Friday December 19

We attended the much anticipated premiere of the wonderful new version of Annie. My girls performed in Annie a couple of years ago with their drama club — as orphans — and they still love singing the songs. They even wrote their own skit based on the movie for a talent show last spring. Oh, the theater wasn’t this empty a few minutes after I made this photo. We like to arrive early to get good seats so we were among the first two families there. I’d estimate the theater reached about 50% capacity. And the movie was wonderful: sweet, hilarious, tear-jerking, and well-written. We liked that they used the original songs as well as created new songs for this version.

Waiting to Watch Annie, I Practice Some Low Light Photography

Saturday December 20

Finally, Rhiannon had her music recital with M&S Studio this weekend. She performed the fun jazz song, Wild Honeysuckle Rag, on piano and sang Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas is You accompanied by her fabulous voice & piano teacher, Wesley Hockaday. (He has a magical ability to pick up a new piece of music and just play it.)

Recitals are like celebrations, as we cheer on the progress and accomplishments of the kids each semester. In this photo, Rhiannon is warming up in the studio during Caroline’s acting class, before we headed over to the library for the recital.

Getting Ready for the Music Recital

That’s all for this week!  But it’s not all for the blog circle. To see more photos of this week, continue on to Vicky’s pictures at Random Little Faves!

Thank you!



  1. These are awesome Michele! I love how you’ve captured details of each day and activity. Those cookies look awesome and the total sweet/sugar addict isn’t quite comprehending how your kiddos don’t like to eat them! WHAAAT? lol! Great job this week!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I must agree with your kids. I love cookies but for some reason sugar cookies are just more fun to decorate than to eat. I love how much you write for each day as you will really love reading these posts when you are older


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