Project 365 December 22 to December 28 Family and Friends

‘Tis the season for joyful times with family and friends. Here are my favorite photos of last week. After seeing them, continue around the Project 365 Blog Circle to see more. Next up is Jude at The Astounding Everyday.

Monday December 22

My girls’ Drama Club Christmas party

Drama 2 Xmas Party

Wednesday December 24

Christmas Eve Sibling Slumber Party Downstairs — Our Family Tradition

Christmas Eve Slumber Party: Getting Ready to Watch 'The Polar E

Can you tell what movie is on the t.v. screen reflected in the picture above them?  Yes, The Polar Express.

Thursday December 25

Christmas Morning

Robert Found Ian an 'Attack on Titans' Jacket

It’s hard to choose just one picture to represent an event, but this is one of my favorites.  Robert found Ian an ‘Attack on Titans’ jacket while he was on his business trip the week before. This is what Ian had really wanted to wear for Halloween and Robert had tried to reconstruct a jacket for him but it didn’t work out and he ended up just wearing a torn shirt and being a zombie. For the rest of Christmas and over the weekend he wore his Attack on Titans jacket all day.

Friday December 26

Hanging Out with Cousins

Hanging Out

I’ve enjoyed a wonderfully relaxing week. How about you?  Let me know in the comments, then continue on the blog circle to see Jude’s photos at The Astounding Everyday .


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  1. These are awesome, Michele! I love the one on Christmas morning…the expression on both your son & husband’s faces are fantastic capture :). I couldn’t tell what movie was reflected in the picture on the wall in that photo….thanks for adding it in! But, I’ve never seen the entire movie so that might be why I didn’t catch it ;).


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