In 2015 I Will . . .

Getting Ready to Go OutsideOccasionally over the past few years I’ve worked on creating schedules. Chore schedules, homeschooling schedules, blogging schedules, photography study schedules . . .  I’m pretty good at that part!  I’m not so good at following through. But I’ve found a way to keep it simple, which makes me more successful in accomplishing the important things.

I have some broad goals for the year, mainly involving photography and scrapbooking. But what’s most important for me is determining 1-3 priorities for each day and getting them done as early in the day as possible. I’m a morning person.

One of my overall goals for the year is to get to a happy place with my website. I’ve been blogging for over a decade and have shared photos with Smugmug since 2008. I played around with self-hosting a website with BlueHost for a year. That went well and I will probably return to them if I ever actually do start a business. For now, my Smugmug site and free WordPress work perfectly well.

Even if I don’t go into business, I enjoy sharing my photos. It’s not enough for me to just share photos though. I write captions for most of my photos in Lightroom and I enjoy writing blog posts about them. I also like to write about my life to share some ideas I feel strongly about, like natural childbirth, respectful parenting, and homeschooling. That’s why I keep so much old content. I wrote more about parenting in the early days of my blog. Now it’s more often photography, but the parenting stuff is still important.

So I’m working out a schedule for daily posts. I won’t actually be writing every day, thanks to the scheduling function. I could write all my posts in one day and schedule them each for a different day of the week. I’m thinking of something more like 2-3 writing sessions per week though.

The only schedule I have so far is for my Projects 365 and 52. Those will be posted on Tuesdays and Wednesdays respectively. It think Sundays will be for Scrapbooking. I might continue to do Flashback Fridays as I began last summer. Or maybe I’ll switch to Throwback Thursday because I have another idea for Fridays. I am trying to get into the habit of checking into Feedly, and often I am inspired to write by things I read, so I could have Feedly Friday. Another day I want to write about parenting, sometimes recycling posts I wrote years ago. An idea I came up with a long time ago is Ten Things Tuesday, in which I just make a list on some topic. That could be an easier post to write. I also like to write book reviews, but I probably couldn’t do that every week because I don’t finish a book that often.

To help me along with this goal of improving my website and my blog in particular, I’ve decided to sign up for WordPress Blogging 101. It’s an encouraging, free class with daily lessons or prompts. Today’s prompt was to tell who I am and why I’m here. You can read my About Me if you’d like. Since I’ve been blogging a long time already, it felt more appropriate to focus on my plans for the new year.



Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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