Project 365 The End and The Beginning (Not Off to a Great Start)

I’m happy with my 2014 Project 365. It was the sixth year I said I was doing the project and the best. My photography is ever improving — granted, extremely slowly — and I actually did make photos nearly every single day. You can see most of them in reverse chronological order in my 2014 Project 365 gallery.

I don’t know when I’ll stop saying I’m doing Project 365. Maybe never. It’s more than a habit. It’s kind of an attitude now. My passion is documenting life. That’s what got me started with P365 in 2009: I discovered the idea in a digi-scrap forum.  I also love photography and I’m driven to improve, so I will do something related to photography every day. If it’s not actually creating something with my camera, it might be reading the Clickinmoms forum, watching a CreativeLIVE class, working in Lightroom, or even just noticing how the light is falling somewhere in my house and imagining how I could use that for a photo sometime.

As for this week, I didn’t use my cameras much. Only two or three days did I create photos with my DSLR of which I’m very pleased. I still took pictures every day, though, thanks to my iPhone and my daily walking project. In August I created myself an Instagram hashtag and started taking at least one photo on every walk (the hashtag will make it easy to put them in a book next summer). It encouraged me to go out and walk every day and I’ve only missed a few days since then. So here are a couple of iPhone photos for days I did not pick up my DSLR and the best photos I made of the other five days. You can tell by the size which one is my favorite. As for the selfie, it’s not my favorite for that day — it’s the fourth best — and you can see my first three favorites in tomorrow’s blog post.

Remember this is a blog circle! To see more, visit Jude at The Astounding Everyday.  Thanks for stopping by! Happy 2015!




  1. It’s a tough week to document – I’m trying to grab my phone on the days I can’t be bothered to think through a shot properly. Looking forward to seeing the selfies tomorrow 🙂

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