Project 52 Week 01 Me

This year I’m trying hard to limit myself to one photography project. It’s hard! There are so many interesting ones. A few Project 365’s have caught my eye, there’s a light study group I’m going to follow at least, and in an effort to get back into regularly scrapbooking I’ve been looking at several fun projects at digital scrapbooking sites.

But I keep reminding myself that this project, the CM Project 52, is to be my top priority. Why this one? First of all, it’s the same Project 52 I 79% completed last year, being run again by Jessica Singleton, who came up with very creative prompts and was so encouraging. Also, weekly projects work best for me. In the last few years I’ve participated in several projects. When prompts or themes are involved I find that monthly themes last too long. I forget about the theme and rush to throw together something at the end of the month. Daily themes, though fun, are too much because life is too busy for that.  I’ve had success in the past not only following weekly themes myself but my most successful blog circle was weekly too.

Speaking of which, I’m hoping to always have a good sized blog circle accompanying this Project 52. There are 13 CM members participating this week! After looking at my photos, the next photographer to visit is Tara Romasanta. Continue all the way around the circle to meet all of us.

Here I am, in my favorite chair, doing one of my favorite things, snuggled in my favorite afghan.

WEB 2015-01-03-selfie-009 WEB 2015-01-03-selfie-024-2 Me

Thank you for visiting. I’d love to read your comments. Then go visit Tara Romasanta and the other 12 photographers in our circle this week.



  1. Great shots, Michele – I’m doing far too many projects this year too! Just 52 seems too easy, lol! I think I’ve got 2 52s (and a couple of others I’m eyeing…), 2 12s, Project Life and a 365 with lots of phone shots. Too much? Probably! Have you scrapped yet?!


  2. Love your selfies – looks like we share a favorite pastime. Curled up under a blanket with a book – there really isn’t much choice when it is this cold out!


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