Scrapbook Sunday 2015 Week 2

I’m off to a great start with making scrapbooking a priority on Sundays. This is something I used to do a lot until a couple of years ago, when I decided to focus on improving my photography skills, and I’ve missed it so much!  I’ve been scrapbooking since before it became a “thing.” My first scrapbook dates back to the late 1980’s and includes items such as a Round Table Pizza menu, drawings, tickets, and advertisements that amused me. I started scrapbooking digitally in 2004 with an old copy of Photoshop my husband had or Print Shop or Lumapix Fotofusion, though it was not until I got Photoshop Elements in late 2006 that I made the switch from paper to digital permanently and began scrapping frequently. You can see my scrapbook pages dating back to 2011 in my Scrapbook galleries.

In addition to scrapping every Sunday, I want to share the pages on my blog, but I didn’t manage that the last two Sundays, so today I’ll share pages from all three Sundays so far this year. The first page I made this year uses a free kit I collected in December from ScrapOrchard called Winter Sparkleland.  It’s available for purchase now, but they were offering it in a “12 Days of Christmas” promotion in December. I wanted to create a two page spread with photos I like from a recent event, so I went with this.


I’ve been looking for a new digi-scrap home. I used to love participating in challenges. I think that may be because they provide a starting point, so I don’t have to look at a blank page and make up my mind what I want to scrap. One place I’ve been hanging out a lot in the last few weeks is Sweet Shoppe Designs. I am already familiar with and like several of their designers, and the forum seems to be active enough to be interesting, without being so active I’m tempted to spend too much time there instead of scrapping. Their challenge system is wonderfully simple with creative prompts. I chose a basic one for my first, though, because it seemed very suitable, as a new member, to introduce myself.  The prompt was “this is me” and I used one of the freebie mini kits currently available in the store, Loved by Erica Zane.


Next, I worked on a few possibilities for scrapping my Project 365 photos. This is complicated by the fact that I’m feeling indecisive about how or even whether to do Project 365 this year. But I finally decided to go with a version of Week 1 that fits another Sweet Shoppe Bingo challenge prompt, “zero embellishments.”  In the past, I’ve usually scrapped my Project 365 photos with little embellishment anyway. For framing the photos I just used a white paper from Glitz by flergs and for the background, a dotted paper from Carrot Artsy Papers by Libby Pritchett. Yes, I think those are supposed to be eggs, I realized after I was done. Oh well. 🙂

2015 Week 01WEB

The next thing I worked on is a month grid, on which I’m placing one photo a day, chosen from my second, third, or fourth favorite photos of each day, depending on whether I scrapped the more-liked photos on other pages. Some days I take several photos I’d like to print!  I’ll share this grid at the end of the month though; it’s only half done right now, of course.

Today I completed two more pages. First, I made up my mind to scrap my Project 365 photos on just one page, not a two-page spread. I considered a spread because I love journaling too. But that makes the book cost twice as much, and I want to include other pages too, so one weekly page it is! Here’s my Week 2 layout, using paper from Beautiful Backs by Deb Fisher Designs. This background paper pack comes in 22 colors and I think I might stick to it for the rest of my weekly layouts, for simplicity. The day of the week tags are by Bella Gypsy at ScrapOrchard (another favorite store with lots of my favorite designers) from a kit called Extraordinary Days of the Week.  The little green word strips are from Blue Heart Scraps, the January label is from Brandy (something from 2009, so that’s all the info I have), and the orange “Week:” strip is from Kathy Winters Designs at Gingerscraps, from a kit called P52 Save the Date, which I love for its rainbow palette. I think I will continue using these elements for all my weekly pages, for efficiency and consistency.


By the way, I learned a wonderfully helpful new skill in file folder organizing on my Mac last week. When I right-click on a folder and select “Make Alias” it will make a shortcut to the folder that I can then move to another folder. It acts just like the original folder with the contents inside, but I don’t believe it’s actually duplicating the items. The file image gets a little arrow added in the corner to indicate it’s a shortcut, and the word “alias” is appended to the filename. This is so helpful for picking out items from my stash that I want to re-use repeatedly, such as the tags and strips for my weekly layouts. I put the aliases in the same folder where I save my current layouts.

Finally, I wanted to scrap a few of the photos I took during last week’s Project 52 shoot and luckily I found a Sweet Shoppe Bingo challenge prompt to fit, “Flip a template.”  I flipped a template by CSchneider horizontally and used items from A Very Manly Birthday by Flergs, Pritchett, MCato, HRoselli, TReed, and JBillingsley, all at Sweet Shoppe.


You can read more about my Project 52 Week 2 in Thursday’s post.  Thank you for stopping by!


Please comment. I welcome discussion and critique! Thank you!

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