Project 365 January 12 to 18: Daily Walks

I continue to take daily walks — except when it rains too hard — and thanks to that I have photos of every day. I haven’t forgotten my DSLR, but haven’t practiced with it daily this month. Since I installed the new memory cards in my computer on Friday my computer has been running well though, so I expect to get into a good photography rhythm again soon. In the meantime, enjoy some glimpses of my daily walks around the neighborhood.

Also, remember this is a blog circle. So go visit Jude of From My Side of The Lens next!

Starting in August, I began bringing my phone along with me on walks and taking a few photos along the way, and that began my daily walking habit. I choose one each day to Instagram. Here is a collage of them from last week, in chronological order, but some are different than the ones I choose to Instagram, so click through to see more if you’d like.

Monday the 12th was very rainy and busy, so my walk was only down to the mailbox. Struggling with computer problems Tuesday, I didn’t get out to walk until the cold, late afternoon and the sky was the only thing bright and interesting to shoot. We got a teeny, tiny bit of snow early Wednesday morning, which, oddly, stuck to the road longer than the lawns. Thursday I enjoyed looking at broken ice in puddles while I walked and I also photographed my second-favorite tree in the neighborhood.  Friday I was so grateful for the bright sunshine, I imagined the Vitamin D being manufactured in my skin as I walked with my head held high.  After having missed a few weeks, my walking partner and I got back together again for our Saturday morning walk this week in Arlington. That’s the air force memorial and a tunnel through a hill between two Pentagon parking lots. Sunday brought the week full circle with another downpour driving me home after I’d only walked about 5 houses up the road. But I photographed raindrops in a puddle before heading back home.



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