Scrappy Sunday

I continue to devote Sundays to scrapbooking!  This Sunday I updated my monthly grid, on which I’m placing  those second, third or fourth favorite photos from each day (depending on whether they get more prominent positions on other scrapbook pages. Then I picked one of my favorite photos of the week, along with its supporting pictures, to create my weekly page.


One technique I used on this page is blending. I place two copies of the photo of the lights on top of some black paper (I needed two for complete coverage of the page) and then tried several blend modes before settling on Exclusion.

I dug deep and for a long time into my stash to find the pieces I used. It’s all old stuff you probably can’t find now, but the designers still deserve credit. 🙂 The black paper is by Cross Cut Designs from Capture Your December. The pink paper is from Down This Road Designs. The “COOL” word strip is from Thao Cosgrove long ago at ScrapGirls, the “BEAUTIFUL” word strip is from Word Art World, and the “CRAZY” strip is from Laura Banasiak at ScrapOrchard. The string of beads is from Marnie Adams a long time ago. The pictures are held down with a screw contributed by Dream Big Designs for the 2013 collab “In The Forest” by ScrapOrchard designers. The alpha comes from a kit by Inspired By Dominic Designs called “Glitzy” created in 2009.  Yes, my stash goes way back!  😀  Oh! And if you’re interested in the font, it’s the one I use the most, available free, called Everyday Casual by Janda.

Thank you for visiting! If you would like to see more of my pages you can click on Scrapbooking in the menu at the top of this page or go to my Scrapbook galleries.


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