Project 365 January 19 – 25 Light

Light is the most important thing in photography, or at least equal to the other important thing (to me): the story. And in winter, finding the light is a challenge. Looking back at my pictures this week, in all of them I was playing with light or admiring light.

Monday night my kids and I were chatting late at night in Rhiannon’s room and Ian suggested turning on this toy light sphere that rotates and projects colorful light patterns on the walls and ceiling . . . and the faces of anyone close by. (This is Caroline.)

Caroline's Face Close to the Strobe Light

On Wednesday I experimented a little with garage light. The garage door directs the light, making for really nice side-lighting. I preferred the front light in this case though, probably because it was very cloudy and this way he got the most light in his eyes.

Ian Posing for Me to Practice Garage Light

Thursday I was working at my desk while morning sun streamed in through the window to my right. I glanced over and liked the way my pets were backlit. Yes, I have four plush pets and six Sea Monkeys (plus some babies).  🙂

My Pets in Pretty Light

Saturday I had my photo shoot for Project 52 (for which I’ll be posting tomorrow) and then I wanted to photograph something else for my photo of the day. I had just come back from grocery shopping, so I set up this shot. Perhaps it’s not interesting to many, but to me it tells a story about me and my family today.


I enjoyed getting out super early to walk with my friend on Sunday and we witnessed a gorgeous sunrise. This photo isn’t the most awesome part of it. Before this, while I was still driving to our meeting place, the entire eastern sky was full of pink and orange clouds. This is Pratt Park, across the river from Fredericksburg.

Pratt Park Sunrise

Thanks for visiting! Let me know which photo you liked, then continue on our Project 365 blog circle to Clare Ahalt Photography.



  1. Beautiful shots, Michele – I think your experiment with garage light went very well <3. Never tried that, but my garage is in a really shaded spot so I'm not sure it would be worth the effort of cleaning it out enough to shoot anywhere near it!


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