Project 52 Week 04 Sign of The Times

Have you ever looked at an old photo, noticed something that isn’t around anymore, or has changed a lot, and felt that wonderful sentimental nostalgic feeling? I love it. So this week’s Project 52 assignment has been an awesome one for me. (Link for Clickinmoms members.) The assignment was to photograph something that will probably be gone or changed in 10-20 years. There were a lot of interesting ideas presented by the submitted photos including money, analog clocks, the postal service, and keys.  Also suggested were paper books and cursive handwriting. I don’t think all of these things will completely disappear though, just like you can still see horse-drawn carriages and 35mm film in use today. I’m sure there will always be people who want paper books and who enjoy handwriting (even if just as an art). I won’t miss some things that might disappear, like money and keys, and look forward to more convenient replacements in the future.

I thought for a while about what in my life will probably be gone in 10-20 years and came up with a somewhat humorous idea. The mess in my van, mostly created by my kids, consisting of discarded papers, containers, clothing, etc., will certainly be gone in 10 years, when my kids will be adult or nearly adult (23, 21, and 18 to be precise). The entire van may even be gone. It’s ten years old right now. And these three kids will definitely look different.

Week 04 Sign of the Times

I didn’t succeed in my original vision for this photo. The sun got too low before I got started shooting — not set, but behind trees — and I wanted to show more of the mess.  But I’m pleased I planned ahead and followed through. Next time will be even better!

Thank you for stopping at my blog. Remember to continue around the circle to see more Signs of the Times. Next up is Trish at Autumn Leaves Photos.



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